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Hunneman Pumper #609, named "SHAWSHEEN", in Bedford Massachusetts, 1879.




Built in Boston in 1857 by William Hunneman, apprentcie to Paul Revere, this hand pumper, #609,

was sold to Portsmouth New Hampshire and named the "Governor Langdon".

Purchased in 1879 by Bedford Massachusetts, #609 was renamed "Shawsheen", and became the

second engine the town of Bedford ever had.



#609 made it's way to Tremont Maine, and in 1905, the pumper became a part of the new town of Southwest Harbor.

Drawn and pumped by hand, this pumper was last known to be used at the Causeway Club in Southwest Harbor,

celebrating V-E Day in 1945.

Over the remaining years the pumper found itself stored in many Mount Desert Island locations for it's protection.

Moved from place to place, including the museum in Northeast Harbor, the Seal Cove Auto Museum in Seal Cove,

the pumper now resides in Southwest Harbor.

In the winter of 2008- 09, the Junior Firefighters were checking on the pumper to find it's wheels frozen

in three inches of ice at the current storage facility. This prompted the kids to start a fundraising campaign to house

#609 in a permanent, solar powered, climate controlled building, on the grounds of the Southwest Harbor Fire

Station. Two sides of the structure to be UV protective glass. Having met with, and the approval from the

town Selectmen, The Junior Firefighters want to preserve the pumper for viewing and enjoyment by future generations.